Thursday, January 3, 2013

'Hold your head up, hold your head high' :
Note to Camel Barn Library subscribers: I hope it's not annoying you getting a link to Chemo Nights every day, but some of the posts are going to cross over with things I had intended to write about on the Camel Barn Library, so I hope that some of you will still be interested.
If not, you can of course just unsubscribe!
The new blog has taken off very quickly, and is already getting over 500 hits a day, from all over the world, which I'm very happy about, especially as it is helping to raise money for The Haven, a truly wonderful breast cancer charity which has helped me enormously in terms of emotional and psychological support since I was diagnosed at the beginning of September. It's very good to be able to give something back, in order to help other people who are now, or will be, diagnosed with this horrible disease. It makes me feel a little less helpless in a situation over which I have absolutely no control.
But the Camel Barn Library is still the Blog of My Heart, and I want to keep it going, and hope to come back to it properly one day.
Oddly enough, it was falling in love that stopped me writing it, and some of that story, how love came and found me in far-off Ayvalik, and took me back to London, is being told on Chemo Nights.
I hope you will keep reading.
Caroline x

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